About Us

We are team of interactive strategists, award-winning designers, and developers located in Mount Albert, Canada.

Data Driven Graphics is all about creating functional and creative solutions that help our clients’ win. We believe that the best way to do that is to have an amazing team of industry pros that excel at all aspects of cross media. We value passion, curiosity, and fun, and that’s reflected in our team.


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Kevin Poole


With over 20 years of experience in the graphics industry. Kevin is passionate about helping people solve their problems through technology to help them win.
He listens, learns and helps their customers solve problems and achieve their goals by architecting and utilizing the end customers technology. He also has devoted his career to breaking down technology into easy to understand topics to help people easily digest complex technology without using acronyms and other terms that go over most people’s heads.
At then end of the each work day. Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters, exploring a forest on his fat tire bike, running, cycling in near by farm country and recuperating by practicing yoga - which he’s a certified to teach.