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SureStep Video
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SureStep Risk Management Corporate video

Faces In Spaces

Find Faces In Spaces, upload photos, share, rate, geo-location

Spin To Win

Spin-to-win coasters, scan QR code or enter code at shortened url

Sports Team Web App

Choose your favourite team, your closest restaurant and store managers can login and change the offers on the fly

Turtles Take Flight
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Strap on your jet pack and welcome to the great out doors! All you can eat black flies but be careful not to get stung!

Support Portal

Online ticketing system, allows customers to log support cases (rate severity, answer questions + upload attachments), Support Team gets notified on ticket creation to their phones

SureStep Risk Management
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Fully branded, responsive website

The Boys Renos

Fully branded, responsive website, which allows "The Boys" to upload photos from their phone to update the website while on the job site

Mom + Baby

Logo, 3 panel brochure, print ads + wellness cards

Tim Hortons Direct Mail

Highly personalized, 3D pop-out direct mail piece, Name and address, dynamic map (recipients house to store) walk, bike and drive times, Coupons and offers on the backside of the pullout

Catelli Instore pos

Streamlined display, with interchangeable header cards to reduce costs in both manufacturing and shipping

Lego QR Code

Lego bricks QR Code Sign

SSR+A Business Cards

simple design, backdrop soft-touch + text and images high-gloss

SS Logos

All divisions have common look

Personalized Nutella

everyone loves nutella why not make it yours?