Sales Marketing Automation

What's Sales Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the ability to have the whole marketing lifecycle automated. It gives you full transparency into who's at what stage, what their interests are, and even better it'll give you the ability to see what parts are performing well. If they are not performing well you have the ability to change them on the fly! There are three stages in this processes: Lead > Sale > Customer.

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Leads stage:

There are many ways potential leads can interact with your brand. Either through a curiosity (digitally through a google search or physically by visiting your establishment). Or, leads can come to you based on your marketing efforts. At this point it really doesn't matter. You need to have the right message, the on the right channel delivered at the right time. Ready to go based on key questions you ask them during the leads process.

The goal is to find out if they are interested or not in your product or service. If they are not interested better to find out sooner rather than later. That way you don't waste your time and theirs. When they are ready to make a purchase they will be directed to a sales avenue to help facilitate the sale.

Sales Stage:

There are two main ways the sales process can begin. Either through successfully taking them through the Leads stage or in fortunate cases, customers have heard of your products or services and they are ready to take the next steps. When that's the case they can be directed to BANT avenue.

The goal is to find out if if they have all four of these conditions are met. Do they have the Budget, the Authority, the Need and a Timeline (BANT) then they can become a customer. If they do not fit in the BANT conditions. Then they'll be redirected back to Marketing till next time.

Customer Stage:

When a Lead has successfully transitioned through the sales cycle and and they are now a customer.

Now that you know what they have bought into you can in most cases upgrade or cross sell them into something that'll make their experience with your brand so much better. During this stage make sure the customer has easy access to support and that they have the perception that you are doing everything to keep them as a customer. Otherwise, they may become Not Happy and they may not come back through your Marketing Drive.

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